Hey all!

Life be good!

Tons of good acting work; won a caberet show at Bar Natasha (it will be in November, haven't picked the weekend--will let you know); couple nights a week at Irene's Bar; moving into a fabulous house with some wonderful friends-------------AND WILL HAVE INTERNET ACCESS IN THE HOME THEN---------------phenominal relationship; um... LIFE ROCKS!

It was soooooooo great to see people Wednesday night! Thanks Val!

That's pretty much it.

Oh, kareoke (i've never known how to spell that...don't think it's right) whores, Some wild kareoke at Irene's tonight!
411 N 6th St.
Kc, KS 66101


First time i've been on the computer since Jesus was a babe...


I's been busy! I literally haven't been on the computer in AGES! I'm scared to even open my e-mail!

Been thinking of all of you! Love you! I've been BUSY! --i know shocker--

I did a children's show at TYA called The Magic Mrs. Piggle Wiggle; closed it while rehearsing Go, Dog. Go! which we opened this past Tuesday. I have a call back tonight for Wizard of Oz, and ----Um...forgot to let anyone know about this---- i'm entering Natasha Idol tonight. If anyone just happens to be free and in the area, come on down to Bar Natasha; we start singing at 8. Funny thing: my callback is at 8:30... I sign in at Natash, then run to callback, sing/read first, then RUN back to the bar.... hope it all works... giggle!

Still working at Irene's on Thursday and Friday nights. Perfect fit for the schedule! Had a bumpy moment there, but everything is sorted out, and going very well again!

Life is really lovely. The other business of late is a total reconnection with my family. I've been hanging out with all members on all sides at least 3-5 times a week! Wonderful fun! It's really neat to see what happens to a family when everyone's a grown up... Aunts and uncles, parents, grandparent... terribly interesting, and i finally understand what my Dad drilled into my freakin head from childhood: "Your family is your family, and you're stuck with them. But they're also the only people you know are always going to be there for you." It's been quite a time of revelation in that arena. Very cool.

Relationship is wonderful. We're moving into our own place this week. It's at 39thish and Warwick. I'm now in Rougewenches neighborhood. LOVE that area. It'll be nice to get back on the Missouri side!

My aunt, some know is dying of breast cancer, is doing a lot better. In a lot less pain. Really really better. She has her color back, and her wit; it's been really cool to be with her. I usually go there in the late afternoons a few times a week, and Sundays a lot.

So, that's been my life! I've also been working on a one woman show to be produced very soon...i'll let you all in on the details as they solidify.



I chopped my hair off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Straight, angled forward, somewhere between my
earlobe and my shoulders.

It's become my new favorite thing to do: grow my hair out then at the mark of [insert whatever end of cycle, or begining of something] chop the shit off!!! It's very ritualized for me.

So...why i cut my hair off:

We're in that dark half of the year. I usually HATE this half. Because of fear. That whole introspection and personal underworld and solitude part. Ya know, not the warm fuzzy bunny shit. But this year, starting with a Samhain ritual, i activally dove in. I was like drivin the bus; UNDERWORLD, HERE I COME!

and it wasn't scary.

Some of it isn't pretty, but it's not scary! In fact, i got in here and found that I REALLY FREAKIN LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really, truly, and now wholly like who i am. I act from my heart, and i LIKE MY HEART. It loves and gets pissed, it's misunderstands, it's courageous, it's loyal, it fights for what it believes in even when it's completely wrong, it apoligizes, it's haughty, it's calm, it listens, it's beautiful and ugly, it's wise. It's a miriad of other things, but you get the idea.

Here in the dark, I've found how much I diminish my strengths. To feel comfortable. To feel small. To feel humble. I've been carrying the feeling of "me being good at something is making someone else feel bad about themselves." Gone. Bye bye.

I'm flawed and I shine. I'm all things me. Bright and dull, sparkles and earth.

The weather is cold. And i usually hate cold. But right now, it's nice to see the cycle. I LIKE that things die. I like that the trees have to lose every single leaf before they can have new ones. It's amazing.

So i cut off my hair.


Okay, i'm pissed


someone help:

When i sign in and go to friends, my friends page shows like ten posts from today, then jumps to October 18th with the "previous 20 entries." I KNOW this ain't right.

HELP! i want to know what's going on in your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!