WOW! this thing is accurate...;>

oKAY...i put that as my subject line because that's what John Charlesworth's computer says as one of those "he's using a W he's probably going to write this" thing---like if you typed October on a normal person's computer and it gave the date as an option.

I love this house.

Anyone currently not watching "Lost" Wednesday nights at 7pm central standard time on ABC, TUNE IN! If you're not watching it, you are missing the BEST television show ever made. The writing is BRILLIANT, the cinematography is FLAWLESS AND CREATIVE, and every character is well executed. WATCH THIS SHOW. I can't even describe the premise here because it can't be done and still make you want to watch the show. JUST TUNE IN! It's easily the best television show i've ever seen, hands down no competition. Brilliance.

Lots of people were asking if Jen is ready for visitors, and SHE IS! If you were giving her time before you visit, you don't have to. Just give her a call and come by. blood in the morning for a little w.a.m. (that's "walking around money" for anyone under the age of sixty...i just learned that and it makes me giggle...)

Life is fine and dandy. Fair is fun.

Had my first wave of kinda missing some people from LA. And my acting class. Nothing major, though. I just got a really lovely message from a friend there and it was cute/squishy.

love ya'll!

Okay...and we're calming...


Thanks to Starwyse for e-mailing me Joni's number cause i'm gonna work for her new bar. Calm the dollar nerves slightly.

Thanks to EVERYONE sending job leads and ideas...they are panning. calm the dollar nerves slightly.

And, ahhhh, it's good to be home.

John and Jen have made me feel sooooooooo wonderful about being here (as i am prone to feel like a free-loader anytime i can't take care of myself and 37 people around me). They remind me several times a day how happy they are to have me in the house, how much they missed me, and that i am NOT (in my words) "the loser in the basement." This house is soooooo WAY FULL OF LOVE!!!! With baby Maya, and Monet, and Betsy, and Mark, and John, and Jen, and Marsha, and Jan, and Cindy, and Greg, and Peter, and Bobby, and Alice...Jesus Christ ALICE!!!!! Whooooooo, i am blessed. And it's been awesome to just be here. Now that i'm calming a bit, i can't wait to see all of you i haven't yet!

I'm really gushy and lovey right now! And that's AMAZING! and also relieving. I was kind of afraid the gushiness was squashed in LA. It's really odd. The longer I'm back, the more a/effects from the journey I'm finding. Some of them not so good. I lost innocence and naivete. Guess i was lucky to have it that long. I also lost some optimism. And my eyes feel darker. I'm definitely older. Not that those are bad, but they don't really feel "good" either. I think being back is relaxing the ickies, though. And each day, i'm reminded of alllllll the wonderful aspects of life that balance out the notso i found exist for real in the world. [I think i actually used to believe that stuff wasn't "real" it was just good script material, or complete fairy-tale]

So i'm balancing out and it feels PHENOMENAL!

love you all far more than my luggage!

Anyyone need to buy a car?

Money sucks. And finding a job is taking slightly more time than anticipated, soooooo:

Anyone need to buy a car? Or know anyone who needs to buy a car?

My car (which i don't want to sell just so you know it's not a junker):

Mazda 626. 4 door. Automatic. 74,000 miles. Air conditioning. CD player. Forest green. Well taken care of.

His name is Hermes Alexander the Great.

anyone interested, we'll talk money.

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I don't know how the hell it happened, but i got old!

After a weekend of festival jumping around like a maniac, wrestling with Tom, and just general wenchiness, I'M SORE! I walked up the stairs last night and MY QUADS HURT! I woke up this morning and MY LEGS WERE STIFF!


(bum bum bummmmmmmmm, bum bum bummmmmmm, bumbumbum, bumbumbum, bumbumbummmmmmmm)

granny jess

Two things...

One: Tonight, Sept. 21, WJ McBrides if any one would like to join.
Two: Tomorrow, Sept. 22, Breaca and my moving truck arrives from CA. It arrives at 3pm at salacioussaffy's storage. I can get directions to anyone that is willing, free, and able to help unload the truck into the unit.

THat's all.



Ah....i can breath again. Litterally! Em sent me outside to breathe Friday morning [as we arrived at otterdancings at 11pm Thursday...she and i stayed up talking till 2...oops] and the air really is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo000000000000000000000000000000000
different. I, infact, realized my chest had been hurting in LA. Didn't know it till i breathed and there was no pain. And that it was really lovely to stand outside and get a breath of FRESH air. Nice.

Our trip from LA was really nice. Since i couldn't go through Oklahoma to see friends, we took the northern route. IT WAS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Majesty. That's all i could think: Majesty. Oy! The northern route also allowed us to visit sparkysgirl!!!!!!!!

Oh my gods and goddesses! The home they have built is BREATHTAKING! AMAZING! MORE MAJESTY! She does not exagerate in the slightest when she says she lives in paradise! And BLESS them! They are the most incredibly, gracious, giving, loving, amazing, humble, wonderous hosts on the planet! It was an incredible visit! LOL--i had a mojito in my hand before i even pulled one single bag out of the car! Then we got a tour of the house----truly, it's one of the ones you see on tv and you think, "real people don't live in houses like that." Oh, but they do. AMAZING hard work paid off! Stunning! Then, after the awe-inspiring tour, we are served home-made manicotti, salad, bread, and some KICK-ASS red wine! SHane taught me: "good friends, good wine." I hope to repay the favor once we have a place. Oh---then, after the phenominal conversation, food, and drink, we have desert drinks in front of the enormous fire-place out on the back deck with the the most stars i've ever seen, and the mountains outlining us. THEN---hot tub! ...where you can still see the fire and stars...more wonderful conversation! Then comfy beds for a great night's sleep. Oh, but wait, there's more! They even sent us back with a box of mead.......... They have truly become very talented brewers! SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!
I'd say, definitely in the top two best meads i've ever tasted!

So, getting settled! I'm in the Charlesworth manor. They are great. And in NEED of a job. have many leads, and following up, but if anyone else has any more leads, send em my way.


Ah, lovies..

We pack up the truck tomorrow! And we leave at 4 am Wednesday! I'm very happy! As suggested by Starwyse, i'v made my loving goodbyes to everything i love here in CA... the ocean being the biggest--ha ha.

Very excited. And grateful. And exploding with love. and a nice relaxed ahhhhh what's next.

I had originally planned to go through Oklahoma city on the way back to see some friends, however that has fallen through. Another time, surely.


VIXEN IS BACK---for any renniegeeks---I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO GET OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yes, i've come to terms with my own geekdom and FULLY EMBRACE IT! I'M A GEEKY DORK!!!!! AND I'M HAPPY THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhhhhhh. that feels good. See you you Saturday! Brothel, i love you, have missed you, and can't WAIT to back in your numbers again this Saturday! And i'm bringing with me a wiley one! ...just wait!

kisses to you all; in naughty places to some; and let's throw hugs all around as well. SEE YOU SOON!


i hate waiting...


i want to get in my car and drive away now! I feel so trapped and in stasis and it SUCKS! i know i'm close, and i'm sooooooo excited it's getting FRUSTRATING!

Packed. going crazy.

see you soon!